Gunning Rock House, Narragansett, R.I.

Situated on 4.4 acres in south coastal Rhode Island with 300 feet of dramatic ocean frontage, this rambling, summer-optimized seasonal residence features a prominent, steeply-pitched roof scheme, unambiguous gables, arched openings and textured, fieldstone-clad siding. It has a pastoral French quality about it that conjures timelessness and openhearted warmth. Inside, a heavily fenestrated first floor, bathed in natural light, is organized around an open central spine that runs nearly the full width of the house. Spaces bleed into one another, delineated more by ceiling treatments and interior appointments than by conventional partitions. It caters to a husband and wife, their children and grandchildren, and extended family reunions.
Interior Designer, Jennifer Garrigues         
Landscape Designer, Horiuchi & Solien Landscape Architects
Photography, Richard Mandelkorn
Builder, Newport Housewrights Inc.