Peaked Rock Road, Narragansett, R.I.

This is a formal residence designed for a client who collects art, showcases heirloom colonial furniture and displays signed personal correspondence from U.S. presidents in his study. The house sits on a lovely piece of coastal property in southern Rhode Island overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The ground floor on approach is executed in light-colored stone intended to match the bleached rocks strewn along the shoreline below. The rest of the house is shingled. An oriel window projects from the second floor to the right of the entry, playing with the symmetry of two central pavilions and adding to the purposeful texture of the building overall. The east elevation takes in the ocean view as it stretches longitudinally north and south, anchored by two main gables. The house opens onto a long covered porch supported by paired Doric columns. Beneath the porch the first floor is defined by a series of fenestrated bays that are as important to the cadence of the elevation as they are to the experience of the rooms inside, most notably living and dining.